4 Myths about Social Media that Business Owners Believe

social media myths

Social Media Marketing is one of the most controversial subjects in the world of business. Most people are either adamant supporters or fierce opponents. Supporters say social media helps you reach a new, focused audience inexpensively. Opponents say it is more trouble than its worth. Who is right? What should … Continue reading

Leveraging Social Media Marketing to Create Successful Contests

Competitions and contests are a very good way to build a mailing list and promote your products or services, competitions can be very cost effective depending on your margins and what your products or services are. A very big benefit of holding a competition and giving away whatever it is … Continue reading

Creative Ways To Boost Your Social Media Campaign

A lot of companies and even small business owners think that social media is simply about having Facebook and Twitter accounts. They think that as long as they publish a post or status update every day, that will be good enough to be their Social Media Marketing campaign. They think … Continue reading

Does Your SMM Need A Boost? Try Viral Content Buzz

Many people believe Social Media Marketing is the key to SEO success.  While it can be highly beneficial, it is often difficult to get right. Getting people to like, share, circle, tweet, or pin your stuff takes time and a very loyal social following.  Until you manage to acquire both … Continue reading

6 Ways To Keep Social Media Managers Motivated And Productive

Social Media Marketing is now a must for any company looking to meet their customer base where they are. Facebook, Twitter and other major platforms play a key part in developing and strengthening business relationships online. The realities of digital marketing in the 21st century make your social media manager … Continue reading

How Effective Are Videos For Social Media Marketing?

Videos have become extremely popular online over the last few years, but how effective are they for your social media campaign? Of course, videos have been online for some time, what with YouTube and Vevo, but in 2013 videos on social media really started to show their effectiveness. Many people … Continue reading

Get More Likes For Your Company’s Facebook Page With These Tips!

Facebook is bigger than ever, and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Despite aggressive moves made by Google to promote their Google+ social networking platform, Facebook is still the go-to social media platform for most people. At this point, nearly every business has a Facebook (and if you … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing – A Boon or Bane for Enterprise Owners?

Today, attaining the number one position over the web is not an easy job. You have to do a lot in order to rank among the topmost business firms, prevalent over the internet. Social Media Marketing has emerged as a methodology that has assisted millions of entrepreneurs with effective promotion … Continue reading