The Intertwining of SEO and Social Media

Social media and search engine optimization are both essential parts of any Social Media Marketing campaign. How these interact is hard to define as the playing field is constantly changing, however it is essential for SEO consultancy agencies to take advantage of these two key marketing tools side by side.

Independently, both search engine optimization and social media are both highly effective and powerful marketing tools. Both also make your business more visible while working to make visits to your webpage, or social media accounts, profitable.

Search engine optimization is all about getting higher in the Google (and additional search engines’) rankings. The whole system is extremely complicated which is why is it best to use a reputable SEO consultancy firm, however in very basic terms, it is the system of making a business or website easier to find by everyday users who are looking for a specific service or product. By targeting specific groups of people that use the internet and using methods such as analyzing internet search habits an SEO consultant is able to bring a website to the attention of those most likely to use it or buy from it.

Social media is similarly a hugely diverse tool which is used across the globe by a staggering number of people. There are several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which may also be used by businesses in a number of ways to communicate with potential customers (hence the “social” part of the media title), to share relevant content in such a way as to gain new visitors, leads and increase brand awareness.

Clearly both SEO and social media are the two most efficient and far reaching methods of targeting new customers and in turn increasing growth and profit.

Over the past few years there have been bold moves in the SEO and social media world which now enable social media and SEO to be used not just side by side but together as one tool. This type of internet marketing and visibility tool is the new kid on the block in the internet visibility business. Yet the importance and strength of these intertwined tools is not understood by all, and it’s important to be careful so as to not make any sketchy mistakes.

Google currently seems to be giving preference to more personalized results in terms of enabling blog posts, shares via social media buttons, and of course content generated and shared on their own social media platform, Google+, to be seen more easily in the search pages. Ideally the balance between personalized results and the more traditional SEO methods will even out. However, those involved in social media marketing have to watch this carefully as the algorithms appear to be changing almost daily.

At present, it appears that social media content and shares have a significant effect on how items are displayed in the rankings. Google +1’s, Facebook’s “likes” and Twitter’s retweets are all important; but how much they affect the rankings is yet to be determined.

It is apparent that this intertwined social media and SEO method will bring great things to the business world. However, at present, much is not known. SEO consultants who understand that this emerging new tool is one to watch are preparing clients by advising that Google+ 1’s and other social media buttons are installed and that interesting content that is text-based, pictorial or even video-based (and which is SEO optimized) is being shared through relevant social media platforms.

The social media and SEO world is ever changing and this new form of playing the visibility game is just beginning and should be watched carefully as combining these two powerful marketing tools will likely become the optimum method of increasing a business’ visibility online.


Jag Ture has been writing for over 5 years. Her sales and marketing background has helped her write informative articles in areas including digital marketing; specifically, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media.

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